This photo was taken of me at CBGB's on October 20, 1978,
opening up for "The Police."

I played CB's all the time with Charley Torres back in the day with this band called "Son."

We knew "The Police" were different as soon as we heard them play... I was right there... It was their first American show ever. We went on first, they went on second, and were great!!! So were we!!!

drummer Gregg Gerson
In October 1978 The Police were invited to perform some songs for the TV-program "Old Grey Whistle Test" and the "Kid" Jensen's radioshow. Although A&M wasn't willing to finance a US-tour The Police decided to organize a low-budget tour. On October 20 they performed their first show at CBGB's in New York City. Over a period a three weeks they played 23 shows in the Northern US-states and Toronto. When they returned in England they performed a tour as support to Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias. The audience seemed to be more interested in The Police than in the main act. It was obvious that the singles Roxanne and Can't Stand Losing You made some impact, although they were hardly traceable in the charts.

The Police On The Road

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