"Playing Drums with Jimmy Crespo"
in Adam Bomb

 drummer Gregg Gerson & Jimmy Crespo

Here is a series of questions presented to me
by Jamie Anderson of
Riff And Roll - The Jimmy Crespo Web Page

I'll do my best to answer them all!

Question: You guys had exactly how many albums/singles?

Answer: There was a total of three albums, Fatal Attraction, Pure Sex and Grave New World... I can only tell you about the first. I only worked with the band and Jimmy on the first record... which I personally think is the best of the three. The first album "Fatal Attraction" was done with a lot of care. We were fresh and just out of previous situations and needed to let loose and have fun! Bass player Phil Feit and I were the rhythm section from Billy Idol and Jimmy was the Guitarist from Aerosmith. What a great combination! Manager David Krebs, who had managed bands like Aerosmith, Scorpions,Ted Nugent, ACDC and others, contacted me about this artist, Adam Brenner, from Seattle. David Krebs wanted to put something together with him. I had already approached Jimmy about doing something a few months before David Krebs contacted me. So here was a perfect opportunity for Jimmy and I to play together. I called Phil & Jimmy... and we all met up at Krebs's office with Adam Brenner. Adam was an electrifying personality and both Jimmy and Phil agreed. So, that was the start of Adam Bomb!

Question: What were their release dates and what label were they on?

Answer: "Fatal Attraction" was recorded around the end of 1984 and was released in 1985 on Geffen... Geffen was a new company with lots of talent.

Pure Sex was released on Combat Records in 1990 and Grave New World was released on Rockworld Records in 1993.

Question: Who were the members of Adam Bomb exactly?

Answer: The band consisted of bass player Phil Feit (Billy Idol), Guitarist Jimmy Crespo (Aerosmith), Adam Brenner, and myself, Gregg Gerson (Billy Idol), on drums.

Question: When did Adam Bomb disband?

Answer: Both Jimmy and I worked with the band for only the first record. We did many shows opening up for bands like Poison and other greats... both in New York City, where the band was born, and Los Angeles. The band continued with Phil Feit on bass and other greats like drummer Bobby Chouinard (Billy Squire) and Alan St. John (Billy Squire, John Entwhistle). Adam Bomb finally disbanded in 1993.

Question: Were all of you guys drafted to work on Aerosmith's Classics Live or just Jimmy on that one?

Answer: I know the Aerosmith guys and have opened for them numerous times, with Steve Jones (Sex Pistols)... who I also played drums with on the Mercy Tour.

Jimmy was in Aerosmith... so if anybody was to be drafted, it would be Jimmy. I can tell you that Aerosmith's keyboard player today is Russ Irwin. Russ and I to this day are very dear friends. In fact I played on Russ's first solo album on SBK Records in 1991 titled Russ Irwin.

Question: Do you have any comments on Jimmy, on and off stage?

Answer: Yes, Jimmy is one of the best guitarists in the business! His tone on guitar is nothing less then amazing. He's very well respected by his peers. He's also a magnetic personality on stage... you can't miss him! He's one of the best people you'd ever want to know. Jimmy is really a great guy... both he and his wife Cynthia are to this day very close to me. What ever Jimmy Crespo does is worth seeing and hearing... It's always going to be good!

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