NAMM 2006
Anaheim Convention , CA


Gregg & Remo Belli the CEO of REMO INC over at the REMO exhibition at NAMM...
The ONLY drum head I'll ever use!!! I've been with REMO for years...

My old friend Chalo Eduardo, (World Perc. Product Manager) and Gregg at the REMO booth...
I was on a break from signing over at Zildjian and walked by to say hello...
Another strong supporter of mine for many many years!!!


Gregg & Michelle Jacoby
Artist Relations Coordinator for REMO

Another very old friend of mine, Marco Soccoli
Director of Artist Relations for Vic Firth Inc.
(maker of the finest Drum Sticks ever)
and me in front of the Zildjian booth...
I've been with Vic for years as well!!!

Mark Ross, Me and his family...
Mark is the President of MRP Drums...
They are very fine custom made drums!!!

Mike Farriss, Me and Terry West of the Pearl Corporation USA
I have been with Pearl Drums for more years then I can tell...
They are the only drums I will play and are simple the BEST DRUMS made!!!

Bassist Paul Ill, Gregg Gerson & Violinist Mark Wood

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