Skin & Bones "N.Y.C. Rox"

by Cathie Coleman

Skin & Bones are different - definitely different. Not to say that there music is so out of the ordinary that the commercial hungry A&R people won’t listen or so different that the fans of commercial rock radio won’t listen. It’s not. It has an edge- a recognizable edge that appeals to the ear of every rock fan. This is the sound of a hungry band.

Skin & Bones are the epitome of starving musicians. This is no super group. These guys got together in Baltimore, MD as the Vamps and enjoyed a certain amount of regional success, but, for them, that wasn’t enough. They weren’t content to be just the big fish in the small pond. Unfortunately, one of the most common problems of band and management difficulties caused the band to break up.

Lead vocalist Johnny Vamp drifted to New York City to pursue his career and ended up scoring a few songs on a popular cable movie Hell High.

While guitarist Jimi K. Bones ended up staying put in Baltimore and writing. Dissatisfied there, Jimi and Steve Mach, the band’s bassist, decided to relocate to New York. Once there, with the addition of former Billy Idol drummer Gregg Gerson, Skin & Bones began their onslaught of the Big Apple.

The group recorded their first album, "Not A Pretty Sight" and then added their second guitarist Pete Pagan. Even though the band is not punk, they call on the old punk scene as one of their influences. Jimi admires that attitude and states, "Songs should have a subject – I hate songs with shallow lyrics like ‘ohh, baby, let’s rock all night…’ I want people to think when they hear our music."

The band currently has European distribution (Equinox Records, out of London, England) and are looking for distribution in the U.S. for their release. Even though the chosen single is "Resurrection Love," I personally like "Nail it down," but that’s not to say that each and every song should not be considered on their own merit; there doesn’t seem to be a weak one in the group (visa vi – the 4K rating the group received for Not A PrettySight in a July, 1990 issue of Kerrang!).

A European tour is planned for the early fall, and if you’d like to catch the band before they leave, they play frequent gigs in New York City and also occasionally in Baltimore area. Be sure and catch this one before they hit!!!

"We’re the band all these people pretend to be." This is how the bio by Skin & Bones, currently the biggest band in New York City, begins. And by all indications, it is the truth you’ll hear in the music of the 1990’s. One problem I have had with many of the bands in the New York area, the mecca of the music business, is that people who think that they’re the "next big thing" often come here and play a poor imitation of what the sound of the moment is.

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