Skin & Bones
Britain's Raw Magazine Article

 drummer Gregg Gerson

Interview with Skin & Bones Guitar Player,
Jimi K Bones and Raw Magazine's Dave Ling

Current Line-Up:

"Johnny Vamp is our singer. My name is Jimi K Bones and I play lead guitar. Steve Mack is our bassist. Pete Pagan is on rhythm guitar and Gregg Gerson plays drums. Pete joined the band after we got back from doing the album. ('Not A Pretty Sight' on Equinox Records). There were so many layered parts that I just decided we needed some help. He (Pete) used to be in The Throbs. The difference that extra guitar makes is incredible."

Current Location:

"We're based out of New York City, although we've migrated here from other places. We all just moved here because it was the closest to a Rock 'n' Roll scene without going to California."

When Did The Band Form?

"In the summer of "88." Myself, John and Steve had been in a band called The Vamps who did cover tunes. It was going nowhere and we were like a Billy Idol-ish kind of band. What's really weird is our drummer Gregg Gerson was the drummer for Idol for more then three years.

First Gig:

"At The Cat Club in New York, June 1988. It was strange because right until the night before the gig, we only had three songs, so we had to sit up till 3AM that night writing and rehearsing them!"

Biggest Show played:

"This band hasn't done to many big shows yet, just The Cat Club and The Lime Light. Maybe 1000 people. Myself, I've played with Kix at the start of the tour they did with Ratt and Britny Fox. Their guitar player was sick and I was asked to stand in for two weeks-worth of arena gigs. A taste of things to come? Yeah. I hope so."

Debut Release:

"As far as this band goes, our album is the first time we've been on vinyl together, but Gregg has done a ton of things. He's been doing session work in the City for years; working for people like Billy Idol, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Belinda Carlisle and so many more that it would take a whole page to show his credits…

Band Mascot:

"Errr… maybe a little blond girl?"


"We want to play music for a living. This is not just a bunch of guys playing rock star, we enjoy it. This is no plastic band like most of the bands from LA, we're into doing something that's respectable, not just the minimum we have to do to get by."

Jimi K Bones talking to Dave Ling of RAW Magazine

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