The Rock Concerto

The Rock Concerto 2006
Alexander Markov & Ivan Bodley
with The Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra
& TRT Istanbul Youth Chorus
Conductor Ender Sakpinar
Ataturk Cultural Center
Istanbul, Turkey

April 2, 2006 - April 8, 2006

Out and about
Out and about II
Sunset Mosque

Interestingly enough, the day we arrived to Istanbul from Eskisehir,
there was a big protest demonstration in the center of the city where we were staying.
We got caught in the middle of it.
Take my word for it, Tear Gas really sucks!
Ahhh Yes, the Vibro Massage... I got's ta get me one a dzzzzz!
Can you see the bliss on Ivan's face?
Ivan & Alex in the back of our van driving from Eskisehir to Istanbul.
I took this photo from the front seat of the van.
The drive to and from is about 5 hours but our driver, (who was great)
thought he was driving in the Indianapolis 500 Race and got us there in about three hours.
I was a nerves wreck!!!

The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
or Fatih, The Conqueror Bridge also known as
The Second Bosphorus Bridge
crossing the Bosphorus River connecting Europe from Asia.

Coming into the City of Istanbul from the Asia side
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