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Gregg Gerson started drumming when he was just six year of age, and by age ten he was sitting in on local club dates. Gregg continues to mature in his talents as a musician, taking him to the Settlement School of Music, where he studied under Rick Kivnick, eventually becoming well respected musician on the Jersey Shore club scene. Gregg's talents then took him on to New York where he joined the "Doug Rock Show", which in turn led to album projects with Ronnie Spector, Benny Madrones and MayDay. Soon after, Gregg joined "The Billy Idol Band" and recorded "White Wedding" and "Rebel Yell". Gregg is currently recording with a variety of artists all over the world, recently with Roger Daltrey of "The Who".

Gregg was caught in the middle of the World Trade Center tragedy, below is a letter Gregg wrote to us about his experiences during that tragic day.

To all my friends at Pearl Drums,

First off, I live only blocks from the World Trade Center and witnessed the second plane crashing into WTC 1...

Here is my account and perspective of the attack on America:I woke up at 8:50AM, September 11, 2001, to the screams of, "Oh my God, Oh my God" from my bedroom window. I turned on the radio and heard. The first attack on the North tower was at 8:42AM. Then I threw on clothes and went outside. I stood on Bleecker & Thompson Street, which is around the corner from where I live. I saw the second tower go down right in front of my eyes. It was surreal, like nothing I've ever seen. Watching as the tower fell, it looked as though it was falling in slow motion. I cried tears like a baby as it went down and I fell to my knees in disbelief. For the next four days in lower Manhattan, the streets were baron, the lights from the emergency vehicles flashing. It had now become a war zone here where I live. I could once see the towers from my bedroom window, that vision from my window, is only but a memory today. Military helicopters and fighter jets are the only things in our air space over the city. The day of the attack, I found that I couldn't stop my tears.

I had gone to the hospital to give blood, but was told, "we have enough right now, come back tomorrow." I, like so many, felt the need to help out in some way. I went down to the Salvation Army the night after the attack and signed up for duty. I unloaded trucks all night and reloaded them with water, and all sorts of supplies. The next day I was scheduled to work at Saint Vincent's Hospital on the morning shift doing what ever was asked of me. So there I was, I got into a supply fire van headed down to the area near ground zero to off load all the supplies. I had done that twice, but after the second drop off, I stayed. I then went in to the supply building and changed into safety gear, hard hat, rain gear, breathing apparatus, boots, gloves and a shovel and began walking to the base of the devastation and found a team of men with shovels. I just joined them and never left. Who would have thought that a guy like me, a professional drummer, a musician, would not only get down to ground zero with shovel in hand, but to find my self with a demolition company working 12 hour shifts from 7PM to 7AM. We are the men right on the front lines cutting away at the great steel eye-beam girders 4 and 6 inches thick with burning torches, allowing the fire and police rescue to get ever so closer to possible survivors.

What choice does one have but to rise up and meet this challenge, it's what we all must do. I, myself, needed to be right there, in he middle of it, it's my nature. I'm honored to be there, and at the same time, my heart is broken. We are slowly picking away at what's left of the World Trade Centers. I myself was assigned to the WTC 7 building at the end of Greenwich Street. I saw President Bush at ground zero, as he spoke my eyes filled with tears, I felt a sense of pride and determination that was indescribable. I'll do what's ever necessary to help save life's and help in whatever way I can.

We're all doing our part, we're proud, proud to be Americans, proud to be New Yorkers!

God Bless America!!!
Gregg Gerson

Pearl would like to thank Gregg and all those like him who came forward to help save lives in any way they could, they are a testament to the iron will and brotherly love America fosters through it's unity as a free and democratic nation.

Click here for photos of me... dressed and ready to go to ground zero!

3/02 Gregg Gerson at Ground Zero - Drummer recounts days of terror


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